Trade Partners

A strong relationship is the foundation of any successful project


Most developers find an added comfort level in working with Future House for all their low-voltage needs. We work hand in hand with our builder partners to ensure that there is a smooth experience for all parties involved when integrating the complicated systems of a new construction property. Our top priority is to work closely with developers and general contractors to ensure proper scheduling, manage customer expectations, and deliver a project on time.

Partners - Builders


We maintain partnerships with the top architects in the area to take projects from concept to completion. This ensures a smooth installation and provides an intuitive design that can be easily upgraded in the future. Future House is proud to be a member of the integrated design team. We work closely with the architectural community to offer educational opportunities, bringing the latest in industry methods and innovations.

Partners - Architects


By collaborating with us, electricians can enhance their service offerings and provide additional value to their customers. As homes become increasingly connected, our expertise in home automation solutions enables electricians to expand their range of services and tap into the growing demand for smart home installations. Through our partnership, electricians can leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience in designing, installing, and programming electronic systems to seamlessly integrate home automation features into their projects. This collaboration not only opens up new revenue streams but also positions electricians as trusted experts in the rapidly evolving field of home automation. Together, we can provide homeowners with comprehensive solutions that fuse cutting-edge technology with top-notch electrical expertise, delivering exceptional results and exceeding customer expectations.

Partners - Electricians

Landscape Companies

Landscape companies can elevate their services to the next level and provide a truly immersive outdoor experience for their clients. Our expertise in home automation solutions allows landscape companies to seamlessly integrate lighting, irrigation, and audio systems into their outdoor designs. With our innovative technology, landscapes can be transformed into captivating environments that dynamically respond to various conditions and create stunning visual effects. By incorporating our home automation solutions, landscape companies can offer their clients convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced ambiance, setting them apart from competitors. Together, we can create outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with cutting-edge technology, elevating the overall aesthetic and functionality of any landscape project.

Partners - Landscaping